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Ahead of a big celebration, a king receives a delivery of 1,000 bottles of beer. But there is a slight problem: one of the bottles has been poisoned. The bad beer is indistinguishable in every way, except that it causes food poisoning about one hour after ingested. The king is short on time and bodies. The party is in a few hours and he only has 10 guards to spare. How can the king identify the bad bottle? Email us at: support@ti89.com

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    Calculus Made Easy
    Calculus Made Easy 10.0
    Differential Equations Made Easy
    Differential Equations Made Easy 10.0
    Statistics & Probability Made Easy
    Statistics & Probability Made Easy 7.0
    Accounting & Business Finance & Loans Made Easy
    Accounting & Business Finance & Loans Made Easy 4.0
    Actuarial Math Made Easy
    Actuarial Math Made Easy 1.0
    Algebra Made Easy
    Algebra Made Easy 4.0
    Business Calculus Made Easy
    Business Calculus Made Easy 2.0
    Business Statistics Made Easy
    Business Statistics Made Easy 7.0
    Calculus with Physics Applications
    Calculus with Physics Applications 1.0
    Chemistry Made Easy
    Chemistry Made Easy 5.0
    College Algebra with Trigonometry
    College Algebra with Trigonometry 3.0
    Complex Analysis Made Easy
    Complex Analysis Made Easy 2.0
    Conics Made Easy
    Conics Made Easy 2.0
    Discrete Math Made Easy
    Discrete Math Made Easy 5.0
    Economics Made Easy
    Economics Made Easy 2.0
    Finite Math Made Easy
    Finite Math Made Easy 2.0
    Geometry Made Easy
    Geometry Made Easy 1.0
    GMAT Made Easy
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    Linear Algebra Made Easy
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    Matrices Made Easy
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    Number Theory Made Easy
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    Numerical Analysis Made Easy
    Numerical Analysis Made Easy 3.0
    Operations Research Made Easy
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    Physics Made Easy
    Physics Made Easy 6.0
    Portfolio Theory & Investment Analysis Made Easy
    Portfolio Theory & Investment Analysis Made Easy 3.0
    Precalculus Made Easy
    Precalculus Made Easy 4.0
    SAT Made Easy
    SAT Made Easy 1.0
    Step by Step Equation Solver
    Step by Step Equation Solver 5.0
    Step by Step Unit Converter
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    Sudoku Made Easy
    Sudoku Made Easy
    Thermodynamics Made Easy
    Thermodynamics Made Easy 2.0
    Trigonometry Made Easy
    Trigonometry Made Easy 5.0