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Ahead of a big celebration, a king receives a delivery of 1,000 bottles of beer. But there is a slight problem: one of the bottles has been poisoned. The bad beer is indistinguishable in every way, except that it causes food poisoning about one hour after ingested. The king is short on time and bodies. The party is in a few hours and he only has 10 guards to spare. How can the king identify the bad bottle? Email us at: support@ti89.com

Physics Made Easy 6.0
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  • Users have boosted their Physics knowledge.
  • Ideal for quick review and homework check.
  • Easy to use. Just plug in and the correct answer shows.
  • Mechanics: Vectors, Kinematics, Forces, Harmonic Motion, Rotation (incl. Moment of Inertia, Parallel axis Theorem, etc) , Momentum, Torque
  • Resultant Finder (Velocity, Forces, etc)
  • Projectile at Angle
  • Pressure, Force & Area
  • Center of Mass
  • Energy: Kinetic (Translational, Rotational), Potential, etc
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Circuit Solver: Select from 12 different Formulas incl. P=V*I , V=R*I, Kirchhoff Laws, etc
  • Resistor Band - solving both ways.
  • Modern Physics: Dilations, Electron Orbit, Kinetic Energy, Nuclear Decay, Quantum Physics, Wave Particle Duality, etc
  • Optics, Sound, Waves+Vibrations, Light, Fluids
  • View Planets Information
  • View Physics Constants
  • 8 Gas Laws incl. Ideal Gas Law, Boyle, Charles, Graham, Combined, Gay Lussac
  • View Specific Heats
  • Browse or Search the Period Table and View 24 Information per Element.
  • Convert Units: Distance, Area, Volume, Speed, Acceleration, Time, Temperature, Angle, Pressure, Charge, Energy
  • and much more...

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