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  F1:  Intro F2:  Microeconomics F3: Macroeconomics F4:
1 Definition of Economics     About
2 The 3 Main Questions     Exit
3 Rational Assumptions      
4 Ceteris Paribus      
5 Factors of Production      
6 Opportunity Cost      
7 Productivity      
8 PPC      
9 Demand      
A Supply      
B Demand+ Supply      
C Cons+Prod Surplus      
D Unemployment      
E Real vs Nominal Interest      



Module: Microeconomics

  F1:  National Income F2:  Passive F3: Active
1 Circular Flow    
2 Exclusions    
3 Expenditure appr.    
4 Income appr.    
5 Real GDP    
6 GDP Deflator    



Module: Macroeconomics

  F1:  Intro F2:  Product Market F3: Factor Market
1 Utility Theory Perfect Competition Perfect Competition
2 Elasticity Monopoly Labor Unions
3 Types of Firms Monopolistic Competition Monopsony
4 Profit Oligopoly  
5 Product Curves    
6 Cost Curves    





Module: Passive

  F1:  Classical F2:  New Classical F3: Supply Slider F4: Monetarist
1 Sey's Law Intro Intro Exchange Equation
2 Assumptions Ricardian Equivalence Theorem Laffer Curve Monetary Rule
3 Aggregate Supply Rational Expectations Hypothesis    
4 Aggregate Demand Policy Irrelevance Proposition    
5 Philosophy      
6 Secular Deflation      





Module: Active Economic Models

  F1:  Keynsian F2:  New Keynsian
1 Assumptions Federal Reserve
2 Short Run Aggregate Supply Fractional Banking
3 Consumption Curve Money Multiplier
4 Fiscal Multiplier Money Demand and Supply
5 Fiscal Policy Monetary Policy
6 Offsets to Policy Phillips Curve