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Version 4.0 

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1 About Read Intro to Vectors Find k*A  Find Kernel(A) Do Matrix Transformations: Rotation, reflection,scaling, translation, etc 2D, 3D - stepwise. Find EigenValues Enter Matrix A ( row-wise entry)
2 Exit Graph vectors A or A+B  Find A+B  Find Range(A) Linear Transformations Find EigenVectors Enter Matrix B (row-wise entry)
3   Given 2 points Find A-B Orthonormal Basis(A) VectorSpace(A) Complex Numbers View Matrix A
4   Find Length of A Find A*B   Nullity(A) SubSpace(A) Find Inverse(A) View Matrix B
5   Find UnitVector of A: A/|A| Find B*A   NullSpace of A NullSpace(A) Find Determinant(A) Swap Matrix
 A with B
6   Find Angle between Vector A and x-axis. Find Determinant(A)  NullSpace Basis of A ColumnSubSpace Rule of Sarrus(A) View AT
7   Convert Vector to Polar Coordinates Find A-1  RowSpace Basis of A Kernel RowEchelon(A)  Save AT as A   
8   Find Angle between Vectors A and B Find rank(A) Col. Space Basis of A Linear Combinations Gauss Elimination(A) View BT
9   Find DotProduct of A and B  Find  An   Spanning Sets ReverseRef(A) Save BT as B
A   Test Orthogonality Find Trace of A   Basis&Dimensions Gauss-Jordan Elimination(A) Create Random Matrix A
B   Find CrossProduct of A and B Multiply Row of A    Linear Independence Gram Schmidt(A) Create Random Matrix B
C   Find Orthogonal Vector Multiply Row of A and add to other row  

Test Independence

A=LU Decomposition Swap 2 rows(A)
D   Test Independence Multiply Row of A and subtract other row   Cramer Rule Swap 2 rows(B)
E   Distance A to B Solve AX=B  Solve any 2x2 system, show steps, graph solution Augment A
F   Project A onto B Solve AX=B with Parameter p  Solve any nxn system using Matrices A and B.  Augment B
G   Find Distance from Point to Plane Find Conjugate of A  Simplex Algorithm (A)  Select SubMatrix
 of A
H   Find Plane Find Eigenvalue of A

Find Square Root (A)

Select SubMatrix
 of B
I   Vector Differentiation Find Eigenvector of A Diagonalization(A) = P*A*P-1 View Diagonal of A
J   Vector Integration Cofactor(A) Find Kernel(A) View Diagonal of B
K   Circle/Sphere Equation Adjugate(A) Find Range(A) Show Row
Dimensions of A
L   Find Tangent and Normal UnitVector along Tangent Line Find Norm of A Do Matrix Transformations: Rotation, reflection,scaling, translation, etc 2D, 3D - stepwise. Show Column
Dimensions of A
M     Find Norm of each  Column of A Solve AX=B containing a Parameter. Checks solutions for each case. Steps Show Row
 Dimensions of B
N     Find RowNorm of A Solve AX=B containing 2 Parameters. Checks solutions for each case. Steps Show Column
 Dimensions of B
O     Find RowEchelonForm of A , show steps if desired.   Solve AX=B  using Gauss Seidel method  ColumnMax of A
P     Find Reversed RowEchelonForm of A, show steps if desired.    Cayley Hamilton method to find inverse matrix ColumnMean of A
Q     QR Factorization   Trigonalisation of a Matrix ColumnMedian of A
R     LU Factorization     ColumnSum of A
S     Minor(A)     Cumulative
ColumnSum of A
T     Markoff Chains     Round(A)
U     Magic Squares     RoundUp(A)
V     Rotate     RoundDown(A)
W     Hilbert(A)     View A as list
X     Pascal(A)     View B as list
Y     Frank(A)     View A in Binaries
Z     Cholesky(A)     View B in Binaries
      Adjoint(A)       View A in Hexadecimals
              View B in Hexadecimals