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Version 3.0 updated 10/2012.

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Linear Systems
Differential Equations
1 Fixpoint Method Enter Matrix A
(row-wise entry)
Euler Method Regression and Statistics and Markov Chains About
2 Newton Method Enter Matrix B
(row-wise entry)
Enhanced Euler/Heun Method Taylor and Fourier Series Exit
3 Bisection Method View Matrix A Midpoint Method Partial Fractions  
4 False Position View Matrix B Ralston Method Synthetic Division  
5 Regula Falsi Find k*A  Runge-Kutta4 Method Conversions:
Hexadecimal <-> Binary
<-> Decimals
6 Quadratic Formula Find A+B  Euler Method for 2. order DEQ Pi Approximation  
7 Complete Square to find Zeros Find A-B Runge-Kutta4 Method for 2. order DEQ    
8 Tangent Line Find A*B        
9 Secant Line Find B*A        
A Interpolation: Conventional and Lagrange Method Find Determinant(A)       
B Neville Method Find A-1       
C Numerical Integration Find rank(A)      
D Gauss Quadrature Find  An      
E Numerical Differentiation Find Trace of A      
F Orthogonal Polynomials Multiply Row of A       
G   Multiply Row of A and add to other row      
H   Multiply Row of A and subtract other row      
I   Solve AX=B      
J   Gauss Seidel      
K   Find Conjugate of A       
L   Find Eigenvalue of A      
M   Find Eigenvector of A      
N   Diagonalization(A) = P*A*P-1      
O   Cofactor(A)      
P   Adjugate(A)      
Q   Find Norm of A      
R   Find Norm of each  Column of A      
S   Find RowNorm of A      
T   Find RowEchelonForm of A , show steps if desired.      
U   Find Reversed RowEchelonForm of A, show steps if desired.       
V   Gauss Elimination(A)      
W   QR Factorization      
X   LU Factorization      
Y   Minor(A)      
Z   Sarrus(A)      
    Markoff Chains      
    SquareRoot Matrix(A)