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             TI 89  Resources

- TI89 Guidebook Part I (pdf)
- TI89 Guidebook Part II (pdf)
- TI89 Tutorial.pdf
- TI 89 basic operations manual.pdf
- TI89 Math Tutorial
- Solving quadratic congruences modulo prime numbers (pdf)
TI-Nspire Resources
- TI-Nspire_Guide_Part1_EN.pdf
- TI-NSpire_Guide_Part2_EN.pdf
- TI-Nspire_SoftwareGuide_EN.pdf
- TI-NspireCAS_Guide_Part1_EN.pdf
- TI-NspireCAS_Guide_Part2_EN.pdf
- TI-NspireCAS_SoftwareGuide_EN.pdf