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Version 7.0 

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  F1:  Statistics F2:  Regressions F3: Distribution F4: Confidence Intervals F5: Tests F6:  More Statistics F7:  Exit
1 Plot Data
(incl. Normal Probability Plot)
Step by Step
Binomial About CI About Statistical Tests Probabilities Exit
2 Compute Average, Median, Mode Residuals Negative Binomial Margin of Error Stat Tests or Confidence Intervals Pdf(X) continuous About
3 Compute Mean, Variance and Standard Deviation stepwise Interpret b, r,r^2 Geometric Mean μ, Variance known Z-Test for Mean μ Joint Probability -
4 1 or 2-Variable Statistics Correlation does not equal Causation Multinomial Find Sample Size Z-Test for Mean μ1-μ2 Joint Probability -
5 Skewness& Kurtosis Quadratic Hyper-Geometric μ1-μ2 , Variance known Z Test for Proportion p Joint Probability -
discrete2: Find means, variance, covariance, correlation coeff. etc
6 Rules on μ, σ Cubic Poisson Proportion p Z Test for p1-p2 Find cdf given pdf and vice versa.  
7 Weighted Average Quartic Normal Find Sample Size T Test for Mean μ Combinatorics  
8 Moving Average Power Student T 2 Proportions p1-p2 T Test for mean μ1- μ2 Exponents and Logarithms: Functions, Rules, Solver  
9 Covariance Matrix Exponential Chi-Square Mean μ, Variance unknown T Test for slope β Random Variables  
A Z-score Solver Logarithmic Exponential μ1-μ2, Variance unknown Test Variance σ2 Markov Chains incl.
-Probability Vector
-Stochastic Matrices
-Nth and Terminal States
-Absorbing States
B Random Numbers Sinusoidal F Variance σ2 (Population) F Test for σ1=σ2 Matrices incl.
-Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication
-Solve n by n System
C Draw Random Samples from a variety of distributions Logistic Beta Variance σ2 (Sample) ANOVA
Ratios, Proportions  
D Law of Large Numbers MedMed Gamma Slope β 2-way ANOVA Percentages  
E On Samples, Surveys and more Multiple Regression Weibull Multiple Regression: Tests ChiSquare Goodness of Fit Test Compute  
F Simpson Paradox   Uniform   ChiSquare Test for Independence Solver  
G Control Chart   Sampling   4 NonParametric Tests:
Sign Test,
Rank Sum T.
Signed Rank Sum
Kruskal Wallis
H Compute Gamma(n)   Margin and Conditional   Friedman Test Factor  
I     Double Exponential Distribution   4 NonParametric Tests for 1 samples: 
Sign Test,
Rank Sum T.
Signed Rank Sum
J     Cauchy Distribution   Multiple Regression: Confidence and Prediction Intervals Common Denominator  
K     Bivariate Normal Distribution     Simplify Fractions  
L     Discrete
Probability Distribution
M     Grouped
Frequency Distribution




Module: Probabilities

  F1:  Rules F2:  Cards F3: Dice F4: Marble F5: Coins F6: P(A or B) F7: Exit
1 Definition Examples Examples Examples Examples P(A or B) Exit
2 Properties         P(A or B or C)  
3 Odds         P(A or B or C or D)  
4 Compute Expected Value, Variance and Standard Deviation stepwise            
5 Do Conditional Probability            
6 Pick among the integers 1,2,.,N and compute probabilities            





Module:  Combinatorics

  F1:  Counting Principle F2:  nPr F3: nCr F4: Pascal Triangle F5: Exit
1 Compute Compute nPr Compute nCr Virtual Triangle Exit
2 Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Find nth Row  




Module: Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

  F1:  Rules F2:  Functions F3: Solver F4: Exit
1 Exponents Exponential Exponential Growth Exit
2 Logarithms Logarithmic Money-Growth  
3 Log: Compress   Solve any Equation  
4 Log: Expand